I have been to several writing workshops the past few years, but the one I attended in September was hands down, the best yet.  I knew as soon as I arrived at Yogaville, that it was going to be different […]
Later this month, I will be guiding a group of students on a nature walk.  But these are not just your average students.  And its not your average walk in the woods.  These students are in a 200-hour Yoga Teacher […]
Recently I spent a weekend at a writing workshop with Dr. Joan Borysenko, a Harvard trained cell biologist, researcher and pioneer in the field of mind-body connection.   The event was held on the campus of Yogaville in the rural […]
On December 22, 2016 I received my  200-hour yoga teacher certificate.  The week prior to the final training weekend, life presented another unexpected challenge.  The day after Thanksgiving a sizable blood clot was discovered on the left side of my dad’s […]
It is often said that life presents us with the lessons we need in order to reach our true potential.  These opportunities first appear in subtle ways that are often overlooked and pass by unnoticed.  But in order to work through […]