When considering a weekend backpacking trip within a 4 hour drive of home, there are several locations that always percolate up to the top of my list.  Earlier this year, one of them was calling to me louder than any […]
Life is not easy.  We tend to approach situations with predefined expectations based on our past experiences.  And we want rainbows and unicorns as the result.  Instead, Life often gives us lemons and toads.  It’s during these times that we […]
Chances are, if you have read anything about the Linville Gorge Wilderness area, it contained the words rugged, strenuous, or challenging.  My recent backpacking trip to the Gorge can confirm, that while very accurate, these words still do not depict […]
Flights have been booked, time off has been approved and the detailed planning of my agenda is under way.  This fall I am heading West.  Everyone should have a bucket list, a list of places to go and/or things to […]
I recently attended a conference in Las Vegas for work and was able to take some time off afterwards to visit Zion National Park. This was my first time to Zion, and it turned out to be one of the […]