The Hiking Yogi Manifesto

manifesto [man-uh-fes-toh]

a public declaration of intentions, opinions, objectives, or motives


The Trail is the path of your life, like a Zen master she leads you within. Her allure is real, like the moon’s pull on ocean tides. Subtle yet powerful. Gentle but undeniable. She will inspire, motivate, captivate, and break you down. She will create the highest highs with blue bird days and breath taking views. Other times she will test your resolve, challenge your abilities and make you question your love affair with her. Cherish the good, Embrace the bad. There are lessons in each. Be grateful for your health and physical ability that allowed the experience to unfold, for others are not so fortunate. Gear is just an Enabler. Research it well and choose wisely. It’s true benefit lies in the way it allows you to experience what she has to offer. Go light, but not too light. Never quit on a bad day. Hike your own hike.

– YOGA –

All Asana is Yoga but Yoga is not all Asana. The benefits are revealed as a result of, not within the physical practice. The Yoga mat is the path of your life. Some asanas will come easy. Some will not. All are important. What you avoid on the mat, you avoid in life. Seek to understand the patterns in the body that result from outdated beliefs in the mind. Question the ones that no longer serve you. Explore them with a beginners mind, release them with heart-felt gratitude. Curiosity over Judgement. Acceptance over Criticism. Truth over Expectation. Walk through the chatter and emerge a better person. Take time to Breath. Deeply. And Often. The breath is the key to unlock the mind. Find solace in meditation. A calm mind results in a relaxed body. Practice daily with Intention, no excuses. Live your practice. Be the light. And don’t forget to Breathe. Namaste.

– Life –

Hiking. Yoga. Life. Each a path that leads, follows, crosses, intersects, and connects. Lessons learned on one are applicable on the others. They are One. Learn to connect the dots. Your external physical clutter is a reflection of your internal mental clutter. Remove it and find your Enough. Use what you need and nothing more. Mother Earth will thank you. Travel and explore to expand your perspective, but only seek Happiness within. Always make time for yourself, connect with others and spend time in nature. Everything else will work itself out. Time is infinite, but your time is not. Embrace your past, create your future, live in the present. Your story does matter, share it. Do what you love, love what you do. Follow your heart and make no apologies for it. You already have everything you need. Learn. Explore. Love. Believe. Take a Hike. Practice Yoga. Be Happy.