When considering a weekend backpacking trip within a 4 hour drive of home, there are several locations that always percolate up to the top of my list.  Earlier this year, one of them was calling to me louder than any […]
I have been to several writing workshops the past few years, but the one I attended in September was hands down, the best yet.  I knew as soon as I arrived at Yogaville, that it was going to be different […]
Later this month, I will be guiding a group of students on a nature walk.  But these are not just your average students.  And its not your average walk in the woods.  These students are in a 200-hour Yoga Teacher […]
Have you ever visited a place that captures your heart and comforts your soul?   A place that seems to resonate with every part of your being, down to your very core?  One that makes your inner voice tap you […]
Life is not easy.  We tend to approach situations with predefined expectations based on our past experiences.  And we want rainbows and unicorns as the result.  Instead, Life often gives us lemons and toads.  It’s during these times that we […]