About Me

Hiking. It's part of who I am. Yoga. It's what I do.

Jake and The Hiking Yogi

I have been hiking and playing in the woods since I was a kid. It’s part of who I am. I have been practicing Yoga for the majority of my adult life. It’s what I do. Prior to 2016, I viewed them as separate activities or hobbies I enjoyed and was passionate about. It was not until my study of Yoga began to deepen during teacher training that this perspective began to change. My internal awareness increased. I started paying attention and noticing how I felt inside after each of these activities. It turns out that the feeling was the same, even though the activities are very different. I was intrigued. Curious. How could activities that were so different create the same sense of internal satisfaction? What did it mean? I wanted to know more and understand the connection between them.

Both Hiking and Yoga resonate with me on a deep level. There is nothing quite like a challenging hike or an invigorating yoga class. Both can be physically demanding and are always mentally rewarding. I never get tired of hiking in the mountains, watching the sun cross the horizon, or gazing at star-filled skies. Nor do I tire of finding strength and stillness in Virabhadrasana II or the grace and elegance of a well executed Surya Namaskar flow. I love being outside in nature and love the internal explorations that yoga provides. It’s the simple things in life that mean the most to me; nothing fancy or extravagant required.

Despite the common threads I was discovering, they were still separate activities. I wanted to find a way to link them together on a deeper level. Thats when it hit me. Writing and photography have always been interests that I have never taken the time to develop. By incorporating those untapped interests, the missing link suddenly appeared and I realized how I could weave everything together. And thus the idea for thehikingyogi.com was born! 

As my interests continue to merge and my creative right-brain gets a little more love, I am hopeful that each of these interests will be enhanced and improved by the others. Amid all the chaos in the world today, this blog is my creative outlet and personal growth playground. A place for me to explore my passions on a deeper level and uncover the underlying meaning between their connections. It’s about discovery, growth and purpose. It’s about Life. 

My goal is to find a way to blend my passions together; hiking, yoga, writing, and photography. My enjoyment of photography is derived from the way it pulls me into the present moment. Photography can be an artistic or technical endeavor. But most important, it tells a story. And to help tell my story, all photographs on this site are original and were taken by me. This site represents the many layers of my existence and the continuous evolution of my interests.

There are unseen threads that tie everyone and everything in the Natural world together. Just like the ones that led to the creation of this blog. They are present in each of our lives, in all our hobbies and activities. As I continue to discover their connection and meaning in my life, I hope this site will provide a bit of insight and maybe trigger a little curiosity for you to discover the threads of connection in yours. 

Happy Hiking and Namste!

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