Why Hiking

My love of hiking and the outdoors developed early in life. My first memories of those formative years are exploring the woods of my neighborhood with friends and going on family camping trips. Those experiences planted the seeds of my desire to be outside, which has only grown stronger as I have gotten older….

Benefits of Hiking

Our bodies were designed for movement. Hiking is the perfect way to improve our well-being while experiencing the beauty of the world around us.


Spending more time outside away from our screens is an effective way to relax, rejuvenate and reduce stress in our lives.


Hiking improves the cardiovascular system, increases bone density and strengthens our muscles and connective tissues. 


Escaping the daily grind by immersing ourselves in nature can raise awareness of the simple things in our lives that often are the most important.


Building and maintaining a network of like-minded friends has been proven to increase our longevity. Plus, it is a lot of fun!

Why Yoga

I was first introduced to Yoga as a way to help alleviate physical pain. Years of poor posture, minimal exercise, and sub-par nutrition started catching up to me shortly after college while I was still adjusting to my new sedentary career. My first experience with Yoga was not a positive one….

Benefits of Yoga

The physical postures represent just a fraction of what Yoga offers. Mental, physical, and emotional benefits await the curious. Are you ready to explore?


Many people who practice yoga consistently report experiencing a state of happiness for no reason at all and find it easier to maintain that state for a longer period of time.


The benefits of the physical postures are well known, but it is the subtle shifts in our perspective layered on top of those physical benefits that create opportunities for growth and total wellness.

Stress Management

Yoga helps develop a sense of awareness of the body, particularly with the breath.  Breath awareness and focus has been proven to be an effective tool at managing stress.


Yoga meets you where you are. Regardless of age, ethnicity, beliefs, or physical ability. The only limitation lies in your mind. If you can breath and have the desire, Yoga is for you.

 Rediscover yourself through

Forest Bathing

Forest  Bathing, the mindful practice of immersing yourself in nature. Derived from the Japanese practice of Shinrin-yoku, it is often referred to as Eco-therapy or Nature Therapy. While the specific techniques may vary, the core intent is the same. It is about creating awareness of our present physical, mental and emotional state in a natural setting with hyper-focused attention on our five senses. It’s about the act of  being and  observing,  not doing .

Physical benefits

Clinical studies have shown being in nature reduces stress hormones in the body which can reduce blood pressure and relax the body.

mental benefits

 Becoming aware of how our senses perceive the natural world can unlock holding patterns in the mind which result in increased focus and mental clarity.

emotional benefits

Participants report enhanced feelings of inspiration and gratitude while also experiencing reduced symptoms of anxiety, depression and other conditions associated with mental illness.

giving back

Becoming more attune to the cycles of nature creates a sense of appreciation which can inspire the support of causes that benefit natural lands and the environment.

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Interested in Hiking, Yoga or Forest Bathing?

Interested in Hiking, Yoga or Forest Bathing?

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